Grading of Ex3 and Final Grades

Hi everyone,

Here are the grades of Ex3, suggested solution (take into account that some questions had a lot of possible answers), and final grades of the course.

The calculation  of the final grade is min(100,{{\sum_{i=1} ^{23} p_i}\over 53 }\times 100) .

Odds are there aren’t any disagreements between the grades you got and the grades listed, but if you believe something went amiss – email Tali.

You will find your exercises in Ross -1. To appeal, make sure you have a clean and clear claim, and coordinate with Tali.
Last day for appeals is Thursday, 15th of July.

Have a wonderful summer and good luck with the exams,

–  Course staff


Grading of Ex2

Hi everyone,

Here are the grades and common errors of ex2.

Exercises will be returned to you next week.

Please take the time to understand your own mistakes and learn from others’.

Problem set 3 posted

.. and is due on June 8 in class.

Extension on problem set 2

Hi everyone,

We have decided to give a one week extension on problem set 2. It is due Tuesday 11.05.2010, in class.

Grading of Ex1 and some general comments

Hi everyone,

Ex1 has been graded and you will get your exercises back on Tuesday. Grading system is just like that of last semester (for whomever didn’t take the class, each question/subsection is graded with 0,1 or 2, and final grades will calculated with respect to that come the end of the semester).

Along with the grades we are posting a solution guidelines and common errors file, so that you’ll be able to learn both from your own mistakes and from others’.

For exercise 2, please note these general submission guidelines:

  • Please, do not submit via email unless you specifically asked for permission to do so (prior to the deadline). If you do submit via email – make sure that you send a small file (<2.5MB, for instance), and  send in PDF format and in PDF only.
  • Write with clear handwriting, and if that is not an option – type. We won’t give ‘benefit of the doubt’ points, and ‘what you meant to write’ will make no difference.

We do our best to understand your solutions and how you arrived at them, please don’t make that job any harder than it should be.

Problem Set 2 and a few comments

Problem set 2 has been published and is due on May 4th in class.

Those of you who have not yet handed in problem set 1 (and have a good reason), please contact the grader Tali Gutman (gutmant at cs) a.s.a.p. We will post solutions soon and no submissions will be accepted after that.

Problem set 1 posted

Problem set 1 has been published and is due on March 23 in class.